The Seattle Seahawks take on the Atlanta Falcons this Saturday afternoon. The Seahawks are coming off a 26-6 win over the Detroit Lions and the Falcons are coming off a bye week, since they were the No.2 seed in the NFC playoff bracket.

The Seahawks offense decided to click on all cylinders this last weekend against a subpar Lions defense. This coming out party was carried on the shoulders of Thomas Rawls. Rawls had 27 carries for 161 yards and one touchdown. This was obviously Rawls best game of the season, after battling injuries and mediocre play all season.

Rawls set a new playoff game rushing record, for the Seahawks with the 161 yards. This record previously was held by Marshawn Lynch who had 157 yards in the 2014, NFC Championship game.

With the Seahawks offense being average this entire season with a non-existant run game and a hobbled Russell Wilson, it was quite the shock to see the offense actually move the ball at a consistent pace. Thanks in large part to Paul Richardson’s incredible receiving performance and Rawls’ great rushing performance.

So, the big question is: can the Seahawks redeem themselves for what happened to them down in Atlanta in 2012?

I oddly have a lot of confidence in the Seahawks winning down in Atlanta this weekend, depending on one thing. That one thing is Thomas Rawls. As we saw this past weekend the offense runs so much smoother when the Seahawks have a run game. It sets up so much for Wilson in the passing game.

I know Wilson is getting healthier, which is great to see, but I think the key to this game will be establishing the run game with Rawls. The Seahawks are just a better team when they can run the ball and set themselves up for success off the run game.

The Falcons defense, tries to mimic themselves after the Seahawks in many ways, because former defensive coordinator Dan Quinn is the head coach for the Falcons. With that said, the Falcons defense is no Legion of Boom or the Seahawks front seven. The Falcons have a defense that is ranked 25th in the NFL, along with being 17th in the league in rushing. On average, the Falcons give up 104.5 rushing yards per game.

That sets up quite nice for Rawls, and hopefully a healthy CJ Prosise.

The Seahawks running success against the Lions may have been a flash in the pan, but I don’t think it was. It’s been proven that the Seahawks are a different team when the playoffs role around and I think the offensive success is a product of that.

We will just have to wait and see how the game on Saturday plays out, but I can say in confidence if Rawls can rush for over a 100 yards, the Seahawks will win the game.

Some how, some way, the Seahawks will win this game and will come out of Atlanta redeeming themselves for what happened in that heartbreak lose in 2012.

Go Hawks!


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