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Seattle Mariners TRADE Jesus Sucre!

The Seattle Mariners announce another trade this offseason, with a trade that sends veteran catcher, Jesus Sucre to the Tampa Bay Rays for a player to be named later.

Sucre was outright released a few days ago and was signed back to Triple-A Tacoma. Sucre, who is a 28-year old catcher has no more minor league options left. So, that left him in a tricky situation.

Sucre has always shaped up as a third catcher for the Mariners and without a Minor League option left, the Mariners wouldn’t be able to option him to Tacoma during the regular season.

The Mariners just claimed another catcher named Tuffy Goswisch from the Arizona Diamondbacks. He is 33-years old with an option left, in which he can be moved between Tacoma and Seattle.

The catching situation for the Mariners shapes up like this going into 2017, Mike Zunino will be the primary guy behind the dish, with the veteran Carlos Ruiz backing him up.

I am oddly hopeful this season for the Mariners catchers. I know it has been a train wreck at that position for years now but I think Zunino will have a good year at the plate this season. Ruiz is also a nice added veteran presence who has succeeded at the plate for his entire career.

With those two holding down the catching position, it should shape up to be a productive season for Mariners catchers.

Getting traded to the Rays may have been the move for Sucre’s career and I hope nothing but the best for him down in Tampa Bay. I hope he is able to make the big-leagues and contribute on the Rays roster.

Mariners fans won’t forget you, good luck to you and your family in Tampa Bay, Mr. Sucre!

Go M’s!

Seattle Seahawks: FS Earl Thomas Went OFF On Twitter Last Night

After the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Atlanta Falcons 36-20, in the Divisional round of the playoffs. An injured Earl Thomas went to Twitter to vent his frustrations about the lose to the Falcons, along with his hate for the Patriots.

The All-Pro free safety probably felt like every Seahawks fan, after falling short in the playoffs for a second consecutive year.

Here are some of Thomas’ Tweets from last night:

You can think what you want about Thomas’ tirade on Twitter, but I enjoyed seeing it. It showed to me that he is still hungry and wants to compete next year.

The Seahawks have a lot of improving to do over the off season this year. There is a lot of holes that need fixing on all three sides of the football.

I truly believe that this will be one of the most important off seasons for Pete Carroll and John Schneider since they showed up in Seattle, in 2010.

Looking back at the game this past weekend, the Seahawks were a good team this season but not a great one. You can say what you want about Thomas being out and the bad offensive line play but the Seahawks just weren’t that great this season.

Everyone on the team is growing up and getting older and it seems like they care less and less about football. I would love to see this team get younger and hungrier going into this next season. It’s hard to be hungry when half of your teams belly is full.

I am not trying to say that there is a lack of effort or anything like that, but you can see a difference of energy between this season and say the 2012-2014 seasons.

The Seahawks haven’t been healthy for a full season since the Super Bowl season in 2013 and that is one of their biggest faults. I would love to see this team completely healthy for a season and see if they can actually duplicate what they did in 13′ and 14′.

But, none the less, the season is over and the Seahawks have some improving to do. I can’t wait to see what the Seahawks do this off season to help improve their team going into the 2017 regular season.

Go Hawks!

Seattle Seahawks: Redemption Time

As most of us know, the Seattle Seahawks have been very successful since Pete Carroll showed up in 2010. Making it to the playoffs is no easy feet, let alone making it to at least the Divisional round the past five seasons.

I don’t wanna take away from anything Carroll and the Seahawks have done but with great success has came great heartbreak for most Seahawks players and fans.

Let’s not forget, as Seahawks fans we have came from a long line of heartbreak. It has been easy to forget with the new found success of the Seahawks the past 5 seasons. We have came from the times of Vinny Testaverde getting tackled at the 1-yard line and the referees giving him a touchdown to keep the Seahawks from entering the playoffs in 1998. There has been more times, than I can write down, that the Seahawks have been screwed in some type of way.
(Here’s the Testaverde clip: NOT EVEN CLOSE!)

The one that stands out the biggest to me was a couple calls in Super Bowl 40. Such as Ben Roethlisberger getting tackled on the 1-yard line and not scoring even though the referees called it a touchdown, even after review. The worst call was the Darrell Jackson’s “push off” call.
(Here’s Big Ben not scoring: Ben was short! (Clip)
(Here’s Jackson’s push off: That’s Clean! (Clip)

What I am trying to get at, is that the Seahawks have been getting the short end of the stick for a long time and their luck didn’t turn around until Coach Carroll showed up in 2010. The moment that things felt like they changed was in 2012, when Goldon Tate caught the “Fail Mary” from Russell Wilson to beat the Green Bay Packers. You can believe what you want about the call. Did he catch it? I don’t think he did but that was the call on the field (It’s not like the Seahawks haven’t been screwed like that before). That was when things felt like they changed, at least to me.

My dad and I sat there in utter shock because we know how things always seem to go as a Seahawks fan. But, I guess it was destiny that the Seahawks got on track then and there to go on a legendary run for seasons to come.

The 2012 season ended in heartbreak for the Seahawks. Wilson lead the offense down field as a rookie, looking like a gritty veteran. Only to have the infant Legion of Boom give up 40 yards to Matt Ryan, and Matt Bryant came out and won the game for the Falcons with a last second field goal. (The Heartbreak video)

What seemed like a for sure win for the Seahawks, ended in complete agony. Luckily, the 2013 season was on the horizon and the Seahawks would have the best season in franchise history. They went 13-3 with a vicious defense, an up and coming quarterback, and a ferocious running attack. The Seahawks snuck by the New Orleans Saints in the Divisional round, after having a first round bye.

The Seahawks then went on to beat the hated San Francisco 49ers, who at the time,  where apart of a heated rivalry. We will never forget the 23-17 victory, with Richard Sherman’s tip ball to seal the deal. Onto Super Bowl 48, where the Denver Broncos didn’t even have a chance in that game. The Seahawks were head and shoulders better than the Broncos that night. It was honestly meant to be for the Seahawks to win that game. It was a great night watching the Seahawks win their first Super Bowl 43-8. (Happy times: SB48)

The 2014 season didn’t go as smooth for the Seahawks. Luckily, the Seahawks still ended up with a 12-4 record, having home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The start of that season was a rough one. Things didn’t seem to go as smooth for the Seahawks in 2014, as they did in 2013. In large part because of the injuries that the Seahawks suffered, along with 2013 just being a once in a lifetime special season.

The Seahawks killed the Carolina Panthers in the Divisional round. Going onto face the Green Bay Packers at home, in which Wilson lead the Seahawks back to one of the craziest comebacks in NFL history. That game was a rollercoaster of emotions. But, it didn’t matter. The Seahawks were back, they were back in the Super Bowl for a second straight season! (Incredible comeback: I wanna see this in 2017…)

In probably one of the most entertaining Super Bowls in the last 15 years, ended in ultimate heartbreak for Seahawks fans. I will never forget the optimism I had as the Seahawks ended up on the 1-yard line to win ANOTHER Super Bowl. Sadly, fate had another idea. Wilson threw a pick on the 1-yard line to Malcom Butler that sealed the deal for the New England Patriots to win the game. I will never forget the sinking feeling I had as I watched Wilson throw that interception. I am sure every Seahawks fan felt like they got punched in the gut that night. (More heartbreak: Sigh…)

Coming off the ultimate heartbreak from 2014. The 2015 Seahawks kind of lost their identity in who they were when running back, Marshawn Lynch got hurt. That put a big emphasis on Wilsons pass game, along with a not so Legion of Boom after Kam Chancellor sat out the first few games. As the season went on, the Seahawks found their grove and ended up getting a Wild Card spot. That is when the Seahawks stole a game from the Minnesota Vikings in frigid conditions, as Blair Walsh shanked a 27-yard field goal. (Walsh shank: NO GOOD!)

The Seahawks then moved onto play the Panthers where the gave up 31 points in the first half. The Seahawks offense had an incredible comeback during the second half, coming only a touchdown short from going to their third straight NFC Championship game. (Almost pulled off the impossible: Clip to the game)

That moves us to the 2016 season where the Seahawks had a lot of ups and downs, along with battling a ton of injuries on both sides of the ball. The Seahawks won the division this season with a 10-5-1 record. It was nearly a miracle that the Seahawks ended up with the record that they did. After Wilson being hurt almost all season, with a sprained right ankle and a sprained MCL, 10-5-1 seems like quite the accomplishment.

The Seahawks looked their best this past Saturday when they beat the snot out of the Detroit Lions, 26-6. That was the first time all season the Seahawks had a run game to speak of, along with a healthy looking Russell Wilson. Along with a decent run game, that game was the first time all season that the Seahawks finished a game and put it out of reach by the 4th quarter.

I know, you may be rolling your eyes that I put so much emphasis on the win against the Lions but the Seahawks looked good this past weekend. I think that was a win this team really needed headed down to Atlanta this weekend. A lot of experts pick the Falcons to beat the Seahawks, but I truly believe the Seahawks can pull the game off this weekend.

With everybody doubting the Seahawks this weekend, it is time for REDEMPTION  against everything that has ever stood in front of the Seahawks way. It is time to make up for all the heart break that has been felt the past 40 seasons. When the clock hits zero on Saturday, lets hope Carroll, Wilson, and the Legion of Boom are headed to their third NFC Championship game in the last four years.

Go Hawks!

C.J. Prosise is Still Doubtful for the Seahawks this Weekend

Seattle Seahawks running back, C.J. Prosise is still doubtful heading into the Divisional round this weekend. Earlier this week there was speculation that Prosise could possibly join the Seahawks and take on the Atlanta Falcons this Saturday.

As the week progressed it looks like Prosise still isn’t healthy enough to play this weekend down in Atlanta. Coach Pete Carroll and other sources have reported that Prosise is still not a hundred percent, and that’s what it would take for Prosise to play this weekend.

Prosise hasn’t played since Week 11, when he suffered his scapula injury. Prosise battled injuries all season, having a nagging hamstring issue through training camp and the first few weeks of the season.

Prosise posted these stats during his rookie season: 30 rushes for 172 yards, and 17 receptions for 208 yards. These stats don’t jump out at you but you saw flashes this season just how special Prosise can be moving forward. The key for him is just to stay healthy.

I hope the Seahawks make it to another NFC Championship game (for many reasons), that way we could possibly see the rushing attack of Prosise and Thomas Rawls. That would be exciting to see on the field, let alone a NFC Championship game.

Go Hawks!